“The Full Spectrum”

“Color is like cooking. The cook puts in more or less salt, that’s the difference! (Josef Albers)”

Dwell Magazine has a new series of videos on Vimeo –“The Full Spectrum” -Part one directed by Gary Nadeau features a visit to the Albers Foundation in Connecticut. ‘He was constantly trying new things,compared himself to a chef in the kitchen trying new recipes to see what works. He tried to record the recipes very precisely”- (often on the back of his paintings).

My first semester of college in addition to Design 101 we were all required to take Color 101 (which was based on Albers book The Interaction of Color. I still remember the field trip our class took  to the university library to view a folio of Alber’s silkscreens. We  all had to don white cotton gloves and were allowed to handle the pages and look at the prints close up in the sunlight.