Not so Colorful Changes…

Life is always full of surprises and challenges…Earlier this fall I received the news that Polyform Products was planning on making changes to their Premo! polymer clay color line. While I imagined that it might be possible that a few of the colors that I currently use might be discontinued- perhaps the fluorescent yellow wasn’t a huge seller?- I wasn’t prepared for the extremely upsetting news  that they are  planning to stop making two very essential primary colors = Cobalt Blue and Zinc Yellow!

“The following colors are discontinued: Red Pearl, Green Pearl, Cobalt Blue, Sea Green, Copper, Zinc Yellow, Frost, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Red and Glow-In-The-Dark – We’ll have recipes for most on our website.”

It will be interesting to see their recipes for mixing zinc yellow and cobalt blue.

  • You can follow the discussion about this announcement on Polyform’s Facebook page here.
  • Carol Simmons has posted “before and after” pictures here
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  • Amy Crawley has posted here on Moon Room Musings
  • Crafts by Chris has joined into the discussion
  • more here at Tonja’s Treasures
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  • here is the contact email for Polyform Products-

I’m off to take a long warm bubble bath in honor of my personal promise to myself NOT to write blog posts, respond to email and/or answer the phone when…

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of  Carol Simmon’s pendants- you might have guessed it! =  colors mixed with Zinc Yellow and Cobalt blue .

“We are bursting with excitement – new colors with endless possibilities are just around the corner. It’s an unbelievable line-up with colors you requested.  Have you ever imagined . . .

·         Peacock Pearl –eye-catching in lustrous, confident extravagance

·         Magenta Pearl – Glowing romance translated into art

·         Sunshine – innocence as sweet as a day running through the sprinkler

·         Navy – shades of royalty, commanding an audience

·         Pomegranate – juicy, rich and irresistible on the tip of the tongue

·         Denim – your favorite pair still fit, go ahead, try them on

·         Bronze – statuesque brilliance glimmering in view

·         Antique Gold – The classics are hard to ignore

·         Bright Green Pearl – dew kissed spring grass glistening in the morning sun

These are only a few of the fabulous line-up of new premo! colors.

Watch for our 2011 New Line of premo! Accents

· Magenta Pearl                                                   · Purple Pearl

· Bright Green Pearl                                            · Peacock Pearl

· Translucent Blue                                               · Translucent Red

· Translucent Yellow                                           · Translucent Yellow

· Translucent Green                                            · Blue Glitter

· Red glitter                                                          · Frost White Glitter

· 18K Gold                                                             · Copper – updated color

· Antique Gold                                                     · Bronze

· Blue Granite                                                       · White Granite

· Gray Granite                                                       · White Translucent – replaces Frost

New 2011 premo! Colors

· Denim                                                                 · Spanish Olive

· Navy Blue                                                           · Blush

· Wasabi                                                                · Pomegranate

· Candy Pink                                                         · Sunshine

· Rhino Gray

The following colors are discontinued: Red Pearl, Green Pearl, Cobalt Blue, Sea Green, Copper, Zinc Yellow, Frost, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Red and Glow-In-The-Dark – We’ll have recipes for most on our website.

Here’s the buzz about new Sculpey colors – fresh and trendy, always a crowd pleaser –

New for 2011 Sculpey III colors

· Pewter                                                · Jewelry Gold

· Copper                                · Suede Brown

· Fuchsia Pearl                      · Glow-In-The-Dark

· Plum                                    · Deep Red Pearl

· Candy Pink                         · Sky Blue

· Lemonade

The following colors are discontinued: Lt. Pink Pearl, Vanilla Crème, Pale Pistachio, Sunshine, Pottery, Stonewash, Tomato Red, Sunset, Ivory, Atomic Orange and Lemon. We’ll have recipes for most on “

11 thoughts on “Not so Colorful Changes…

  1. Thank You Lindly for posting the link to my virtual petition to Save Cobalt Blue, Zinc Yellow and Sea Green! I think if we all stand together we can stop this. One of the special things about the Premo line was its Artist Pigment Based Colors. Losing any of these three colors is like removing a color from the rainbow. Simply can not be done!

  2. They should fire their copy writers and hire some art advisors instead! Possibly the most ill-advised product eliminations in manufacturing history. I would support a product line just for artists and professionals and then one for hobbyists with pre-mixed colors, if they must, although I think everyone can benefit creatively from learning color theory.

  3. Marcie says:

    This is interesting because I am working thru you and Maggie’s book Color Inspirations. I got fed up years ago with Polyforms total lack of support for artists. If they want the kiddie market go for it.

    Anyhow I use Kato almost exclusively and I am struggling to adapt the lessons in the book to the almost perfect rainbow that is Kato. I am really wishing you guys would write a book like this one with Kato as the pallet.

  4. Denise Spillane says:

    Thanks for posting the info and links Lindly. A friend got a response from Polyform below:

    “Polyform has reviewed all of your heartfelt comments in reference to Premo Cobalt Blue and Premo Zinc Yellow. In response to your needs we are going to find a way to keep these colors available for you. We will work with distributors and will post the information as soon as we finalize it. ”

    Lets hope.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. I have written to all my customers encouraging them to complain. However I am not optimisitc as when talking to my supplier he suggested that it is unlikely that they will change their mind saying ‘when Polyform commit, they commit’ – let hope this proves to be wrong. If they don’t then I guess that voting with our feet and turning to other makes of clay is the only way to make them understand. Meanwhile I have already had a flurry of orders from people stocking up on the soon to be discontinued colours!

  6. I am disappointed that Polyfrom is discontinuing zinc yellow and cobalt blue and glow in the dark. While the new colors sound wonderful, the primaries are the cornerstone of color mixing. In painting and color theory, these are the beginning lessons. Please reconsider these colors.

  7. I am copying this message I wrote as I think word needs to get around about this. The publicing of the news is so conviently in Xmas time that I am afraid people will miss this if we do not intentionally spread the word.

    I stumbled into polymer clay express blog

    where there is a text “Great News!!!
    We will be carrying Zinc Yellow and Cobalt Blue Premo throughout 2011!! We are one of three companies that will be doing so. ”

    so when polyform promised that they will continue those colours they actually, IMO, lied. There is no promis about continuing then further and also this this does not help my situation a bit as I am selling clay for my customers in Finland and not buying it retale for my own use. I am dissapointed and this truly ruins my xmas 🙁

    This is what I posted to polyforms facebook page

    “I just readed from polymer clay express that actually, on contrary to your promise, you are NOT going to make the cobolt blue and zinc yellow available to all customers as we here in europe that are selling the clay are not going to buy your clay from retalers.

    I am dissapointed on your desicion and I think you lied when you tried to convince the audience that you are “keeping” the zinc yellow and cobolt blue. “

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