Colorful Inspiration…

As artists most of us have “go to” books and artists where we look to for color inspiration. Kaffe Fassett is one of my favorites for color and pattern. I have six of his books, my favorite is Glorious color.

Several of his fabrics play important rolls in my patchwork living room curtains and over the years I have made several color inspiration collages based on clippings from an old Kaffe  Fassett calendar and photo copies of fabric swatches.

After reading his mosaic book- I made a colorful side table. So, I am thrilled that he has a new book out – “Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts”. There is an interesting video interview here where he starts by saying “What interests me more than anything in the world is pattern”.

I wonder just what he would do if he experimented with polymer? For more inspiration visit his student’s Flickr pool.

…also looking to trade? anyone out there have his cabbage pillow needlepoint kit (and never got around to starting it)?

3 thoughts on “Colorful Inspiration…

  1. Kathy says:

    His books are a huge influence for me. I have 2 quilts inspired by his use of color, and my switch to clay from fabric was driven by my desire to use color with more control than quilting allowed me. Thanks for the post.

  2. Trudy says:

    I had forgotten……I had forgotten how my internal self moved, jumped and danced for color. How visceral my response is to a sunrise. How green in no matter what shade makes me happy (salivating happy). So here I am about to embark on my polymer clay creating and I forgot how much color means to me every day. So, I’ll open the art books I inherited from a wonderful artist friend who passed many years ago, and relish the Kaffe Fasset books another friend gave me after having given up quilting and until my pasta machine comes, I’ll be inspired by art and nature and the pigeons huddling on a window ledge after the blizzard took New York. And I’ll say thanks to you Haunani Lindly for getting me there, you gave the push that made the engine go! Blessings.

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