Rainbow Ikat Workshop…

If you are interested in taking a new  color inspired  polymer clay workshop in Damascus, Maryland at The Artway/Polymer Clay Express…it is not too late to register .

March 5 & 6, 2011
Damascus, MD at the Artway
Rainbow Ikat Inspirations
To register call 800-844-0138

$150/two day workshop

Ikat, is the method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibers. Ikat is also a fabulous pattern that can be made as a cane using polymer clay stripe blends. Learn how to make Lindly’s version of an Ikat blend cane that uses extruded elements to intensify value contrasts that will make your cane really “pop”.

Once you have your blends made you will be slicing, dicing, twisting and recombining them to come up with several different color coordinated patterns.

Strategies for constructing three-dimensional beads, pillow beads and flat laminated pieces will be demonstrated along with some valuable finishing techniques.

Supply List: Rainbow Ikat Inspirations

Work surface
Pasta Machine
Cutting blade
Pin tool
Small hand held extruder (if you already have one) with small circle die
Small selection of cutters (if you already have)
Polymer Clay (recommended = Premo, Kato or FIMO Classic)
4 oz. Your “favorite” color, this could be either a package color or a color that you have pre-mixed. If you are having trouble picking a color, I would suggest picking a purple, orange or green
4 oz. White
2 oz. Black
4 oz yellow
2. oz blue
2 oz. fuchsia or magenta
4 oz. scrap clay
Please take the time to condition and sheet your clay prior to class (this is especially important if you are using the older formulations of Kato or FIMO as this will save valuable class time.
Depending on your color scheme choice you may need to purchase a small amount of an additional color- which is a distinct advantage of taking a workshop at The Artway.

Questions: Lindlyh@aol.com