Colorful Cocktails…

I love the subtle colors found in exquisite wines and champagnes- as one can almost already guess at the delights of the senses to follow. There are dozens of colorful cocktails ranging from the Tequila Sunrise to Pismo Sour. Usually one doesn’t examine cocktails under a microscope- Research scientist Michael Davis, Florida State University, crystallizes the cocktails on a lab slide, then photographs them using a camera attached to a light microscope.

At Bevshots, one can buy posters and coasters of these intriguingly colorful images, pictured here is a German Pilsner. There is an online quiz you can take here to explore your intuition in regards to the crystalized images of your favorite cocktails here. Note: the wine pairing question is a little tricky = don’t get inventive, Pinot Noirs, Champagnes and dry Rose would also be great pairings.

Have a colorful day…what would your polymer clay canes look like under a microscope?

3 thoughts on “Colorful Cocktails…

  1. Pat Lacy says:

    This is incredible. I had no idea alcohol could look so beautiful. Thanks, Lindly, for sharing this color inspiration. Wow!

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