Colorful Bargello Tissue…

Last month while on vacation Hollie Mion gave me a packet of purse tissues (the designs reminded me of polymer clay canes) …several days later she noticed that I still  had the unopened package on display on my work surface? When I told her it was too pretty to open, she generously gave me another package. So now I am paying more attention to printed tissues..

When I  think of Bargello in polymer clay, Laura Liska’s impeccably constructed beads come to mind. And now  I can tuck a packet of pocket “Bargello” Kleenex into my purse. Wishing you a colorful day- remember to invite rainbows into your life. 

One thought on “Colorful Bargello Tissue…

  1. JEAN says:

    I still have beads I made from her 1995 or 1996 tutorial in one of the poly clay magazines, (I have the page I tore out somewhere, but I can’t remember which magazine it was, ?Polymer Cafe?), her ideas fired me up on polymer clay, I loved the idea of all those color blends, I still do. And I’m so glad to see her designs coming back into clayer’s repertoires.
    I know this is late to post, but I’m noticing that no one seems to credit Laura for her idea and all the work she did, except, of course, yourself. I don’t think people even know where the idea to translate it into clay came from. Too bad.

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