Colorful Earrings…

If you have ever watched me work in my studio or heard me talk about my preference for “Make more than One” – then you already know that I believe that there is a great opportunity to explore a design by making more than one version… occasionally, I do go overboard. This spring I made twenty four Skinner blend canes and set out to make a series of three earring designs including my curve earrings, glow earrings and glow earrings with leaves and petals.

Gratefully, when I went to put these new earrings together I had lots of help= folding earring cards, making holes in the cards, bending niobium ear wires, and inserting the wire guards. Thank you Jacqueline Cherie, Leslie Blackford, Judy Belcher and Ellen Prophater. In the end, another realization, I am NOT too good about estimating production and ended up with over 250 pairs of earrings.

4 thoughts on “Colorful Earrings…

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  2. TMurray says:

    Amazing looking. I’m staring at them from every possible angle I can on a computer screen. And you’re selling them where? Trudy

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