Colorful Pinched Petals…

Several years ago- while Maggie Maggio and I were working on our book- a well intentioned friend mentioned to me (while laughing)… once they find out they need to pinch,fold and pierce over 120 petals to make that necklace!?!

Apparently the labor intensive aspect of that project has not dissuaded dozens of artists around the world from making a pinched petal lei , and in many instances adding their own twist. I am always delighted when I run across examples on Facebook, blogs and Flickr.

The joyful looks on the faces of the women Nepal via A Colourful Journey wearing their versions of my necklace was especially poignant to me –  a shared aesthetic and a wonderful example of out “shrinking” world. Here are some other inspirational examples I found…Nora Pero, Bettina Mertz, Oak Georgia, Kralenia and Allessia Stre.




3 thoughts on “Colorful Pinched Petals…

  1. Jen says:

    I believe I have a necklace and bracelet bought several years ago from a shop in the Torpedo Factory? If this is you, please keep doing the pinched pieces..I will keep buying them when I am in the area. Do you have a studio in the D.C. or Va. region that is open or by appt.? Thanks.

  2. admin says:

    WIth my permission one of my students used to sell these pieces at the Torpedo factory in Alexandria. Perhaps you live near one of the galleries that stocks my work?

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