Colorful Exhibition Opening…

I am off to Atlanta for the opening of a Polymer Retrospective Show (which features many pieces from my collection) this weekend. If you are in the area or a fan of last minute air fare deals- hope you can stop by.

“Barbara McGuire, Ellen Prophater Sue Southerland and the other ladies of Woman Creative – Art and Jewelry Design Center wish to invite you to join them at 115 East Main St., Suite A1B, Buford Georgia for the opening on April 8th and 9th of their historic exhibit “Polymer- From the Beginning.” This amazing collection exemplifies artwork using polymer from its inception as a valid art medium.  The concurrent opening of the gallery will feature art jewelry and small art objects from many notable polymer artists whose work will be found singularly at Woman Creative. Come celebrate with us and enjoy the beginning of this polymer centric enterprise that will inspire, educate and please you for years to come.”


Colorful Week…

My week on the Outer Banks was absolutely wonderful. It will take a long time to digest and process everything I learned. And what an incredibly talented group of artists is was= Leslie Blackford, Judy Belcher, Julie Piccarello,Tammy Honamann,  Sandra McCaw, Sara Shriver, Cynthia Tinapple, Robert  Dancik, Dayle Doroshow, Wendy Malinow, Seth Saverick and Jeff Dever.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how this experience enhances everyone’s future work.

Sandra McCaw (who is a very talented photographer) captured this picture of myself and Jeff Dever sharing samples from above.



Colorful Adventure…

My bags are packed and I am excited to be off  for  an adventure on The Outer Banks in North Carolina = a week of collaboration/pasta machine round table(s). I will in the company of a dozen  outstanding polymer clay artists and am looking forward to seeing just what evolves as we brainstorm together.

Over the years I have visited the Outer Banks over twenty times (first time= 1965), so it will be interesting to see how things have changed and  what has remained the same.



Colorful Cocktails…

I love the subtle colors found in exquisite wines and champagnes- as one can almost already guess at the delights of the senses to follow. There are dozens of colorful cocktails ranging from the Tequila Sunrise to Pismo Sour. Usually one doesn’t examine cocktails under a microscope- Research scientist Michael Davis, Florida State University, crystallizes the cocktails on a lab slide, then photographs them using a camera attached to a light microscope.

At Bevshots, one can buy posters and coasters of these intriguingly colorful images, pictured here is a German Pilsner. There is an online quiz you can take here to explore your intuition in regards to the crystalized images of your favorite cocktails here. Note: the wine pairing question is a little tricky = don’t get inventive, Pinot Noirs, Champagnes and dry Rose would also be great pairings. Continue reading “Colorful Cocktails…”


Rainbow Ikat Workshop…

If you are interested in taking a new  color inspired  polymer clay workshop in Damascus, Maryland at The Artway/Polymer Clay Express…it is not too late to register .

March 5 & 6, 2011
Damascus, MD at the Artway
Rainbow Ikat Inspirations
To register call 800-844-0138

$150/two day workshop

Ikat, is the method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibers. Ikat is also a fabulous pattern that can be made as a cane using polymer clay stripe blends. Learn how to make Lindly’s version of an Ikat blend cane that uses extruded elements to intensify value contrasts that will make your cane really “pop”.

Once you have your blends made you will be slicing, dicing, twisting and recombining them to come up with several different color coordinated patterns.

Strategies for constructing three-dimensional beads, pillow beads and flat laminated pieces will be demonstrated along with some valuable finishing techniques. Continue reading “Rainbow Ikat Workshop…”


Colorful Updates…

Cabin Fever Polymer Clay Fest, a five day event in Laurel, Maryland  is in full swing today. If you were unable to come this year- you can get a sneak peek at what is going on by visiting Allison Torres’s blog and viewing the video updates that she is posting.

Wishing you a colorful day!

A special thanks to Polyform for donating the clay for my students at last Friday’s workshop.


Colorful Journal…

It is always delightful to receive emails  and photo links from artists around the world that have been inspired my Confident Color DVD and workshops. This polymer clay journal with a polymer cover from Sabine Spiesser in Australia is quite lovely. Thank you for sharing.

“The Journey is the Reward”


Colorful Kato Clay…

Kato Polymer Clay (Van Aiken) has a new Facebook page where Tony Aquino is posting a series of metallic color recipes using their  concentrates = more to come. Also they are asking for your opinion on possible new colors. The three colors I would like to see…

  • a magenta concentrate (the current red is way too orange to make great purples)
  • fluorescent yellow and magenta to “pump” up mixes
  • a warm Cadmium yellow

What new colors would you like to see?


Masters Polymer Clay Book…

I am thrilled- I have just received my advance copy of the Masters of Polymer Clay– Major Works by Leading Artists by Rachel Carren. I am delighted that  one of the images on the cover is my Rainbow Shrine.

“This beautiful and inspiring survey presents innovative polymer clay works from forty of the leading artists working today, with each artist introduced curator Rachel Carren.”


Colorful Van Gogh…

Living int the Washington, DC area has many advantages…including several Vincent Van Gogh paintings on exhibit for up close enjoyment. One of my most memorable “I can’t believe I just did that!” moments was when I was viewing one of his paintings at the Phillip’s Collection. I became so entranced by how little flicks of paint so perfectly came to resemble bunches of olive leaves that I reached out and touched the painting. Fully expecting to be escorted  out of the museum by several guards, I was surprised that no one seemed to notice. (I’m sure they have updated their security in regards to touching priceless paintings in the ensuing years).

It is always interesting to see an artist’s colors schemes interpreted in new ways and Arthur Buxton’s Van Gogh pic charts do so while being aesthetically pleasing. You can read more about the charts here  on Flavorwire. Buxton will be posting a key = which painting corresponds to which pie chart in the future. In the meantime, which pie chart represents the color scheme in your favorite Van Gogh painting?