Colorful Paint Sound Sculptures..

Libby Mills sent me this colorful link to Design Bloom where you can see these wonderful sound sculptures.

“the creative Studio Dentsu, teamed up with photographer Linden Gledhill to create this series of paint sculptures using sound vibrations. the series was part of a campaign for Canon’s Pixma ink printer brand. the photographs and videos begin by wrapping a membrane around a small speaker. ink drops were placed on this membrane and the speaker was turned on. once it began to vibrate the ink begins to jump up and down. high-speed video cameras and still cameras were used to capture this including circling around the sculptures to see them from all angles. experimenting with different sounds and frequencies created the various pieces.”

Wishing you a colorful weekend and smooth transition to non-daylight savings time. I’m off to teach a color workshop in Dallas, Texas.


Colorful Pivot Beads…

I have many fond memories of the beginning years of the National Polymer Clay Guild. We would gather around dining room tables to hold our board meetings- which very often wouldn’t start on time because many of us had eagerly brought show and tell items to share. Sometimes these were new tools, but most often the were pieces of work made by ourselves and others. We were thrilled to see Lynn Swards early photo transfer pieces, Pat Berlin’s rolled rug beads and Kathleen Amt’s complex cane collage beads.

I would venture that none us imagined that twenty years later we would be able to view and share pictures of the work of others via Flickr, blogs and web sites!

In chapter three of our book- Polymer Clay Color InspirationsMaggie Maggio designed the lovely pivot bead necklace as the chapter’s project. I was the lucky recipient of her purple version of the Pivot Bead necklace.

Recently, I spotted these two adaptations of the project on the web. Above is a glass and pivot bead bracelet by Svenja and below is a set of necklaces made by Janette Waters.

Pivot beads Inspired by Maggie Maggio

Colorful Rhubarb Red…

I’ve been reading about the new red celery with fascination – (not really red to me, more like the “red” of red onions) …somewhat surprised to have landed on a site that explains “value added produce” (while following the  link trail) which is  something apparently that I buy often .

I am dreaming of rhubarb as I embark on making a new series of folded petal necklaces.

Colorscape- an Around the World Guide to Color by Naomi Kuno and the Color Intelligence Institute calls this red “Starfish”

  • Tropical
  • Floral
  • Gaudy
  • Charming
  • Alluring


I drew color inspiration from food stylist Linda Lundgren’s food arranged by color series.

To mix my variation of this color I used one part Premo Cadmium red and one part Premo Fluorescent Pink. The resulting red is vibrant and makes for an edible looking cane which I look forward to fashioning into part of my new series of necklaces.

Next time you set out to mix a vibrant color in polymer clay  consider using either a fluorescent yellow or pink to pump-up your mixes.


Colorful Teaching…

I love teaching– especially polymer clay workshops that allow the students  to come to a new understanding of color = how relax into approaching color with intuition; mix new colors, design palettes and learn new strategies for combining colors successfully. Above  is a picture of me teaching this past summer at  Polymer Play Days (sponsored by Helen Cox) In Nottingham, England.

It is especially wonderful to see a student take inspiration from a class to make  a wonderful personalized variation on a technique via a finished piece.Here is a necklace from Ghost Shift/Sue Corrie.

After teaching Textile Inspirations in Albequeque last month, Janet Paul sent me a picture of a delightful sampler necklace she made.


Colorful Organization…

For the past year, with the help of an enthusiastic, patient friend I have been de-cluttering and organizing in bi-monthly four hour chunks. Last week we went through twenty years of accumulated jewelry findings –

what a “surprise” to find a stash of several hundred head pins!, fifty badge holders (what was I thinking?) and what a “relief” to pass-on to another artist a clasp I no longer use (because covering it with polymer clay was in the beyond tedious category for me).

I am finding myself gravitating towards brighter and more cheerful colors- via curtains, new rugs and wall hangings.There are dozens of colorful accessories at See Jane Work and helpful posts on their blog.


Color Inspirations…

Jack Brenfoerder is a Design Director at Landor Associates who specializes in color strategy, trends and forecasting. In a recent blog post he discussed creating your own color inspiration book.

“Think of using colors like spices and the final color combination as the delicious dish. Using this principle, I have created a simple way that anyone can generate color combinations and palettes that are more natural, intuitive, and emotionally based. Rather than just starting with individual colors that you like and using your own color sense to create a final color combination, how about collecting color recipes in advance to create your own color cook book?”

What I found most interesting was his description of taking three color inspirations (in the illustration he used three photographs) – two that “contrast” and one that “harmonizes” and identifying the most important bridge colors between the images and the accent (spice) colors.

Forty of his favorite color inspirations (along with a swatch notation to the color combination) are available for you to download.


Colorful Airport Shopping…

My flight back from Albuquerque was delayed so I found myself in the airport with spare time for shopping… I poked around in several stores and had to laugh as several of the items that attracted my eye…I already had hanging form my ceiling!

I wandered into Earth Spirit and was amazed by the selection of jewelry, ceramics, glass and wall hangings = not the usual things that one finds in an airport. In between the displays of art where hundreds of books on altered art, journaling, collage,creative inspiration and color…and to my amazement! and surprise  our book Polymer Clay Color inspirations.

I ended up buying some lovely New Mexico Pinon Coffee (chocolate cinnamon swirl) and yet, another book about color- as souvenirs of my wonderful trip to Albuquerque.


“The Full Spectrum”

“Color is like cooking. The cook puts in more or less salt, that’s the difference! (Josef Albers)”

Dwell Magazine has a new series of videos on Vimeo –“The Full Spectrum” -Part one directed by Gary Nadeau features a visit to the Albers Foundation in Connecticut. ‘He was constantly trying new things,compared himself to a chef in the kitchen trying new recipes to see what works. He tried to record the recipes very precisely”- (often on the back of his paintings).

My first semester of college in addition to Design 101 we were all required to take Color 101 (which was based on Albers book The Interaction of Color. I still remember the field trip our class took  to the university library to view a folio of Alber’s silkscreens. We  all had to don white cotton gloves and were allowed to handle the pages and look at the prints close up in the sunlight.