Cabin Fever 2011…

Damascus Ladder Magic

One Day Workshop Friday February 18th, 2011 at Cabin Fever 2011

I  will walk you through making three different skinner blend canes – with color coordinated lights and darks – that will be combined to make a dynamic version of a Damascus Ladder. Strategies for constructing drum beads (which you could choose to make into a sampler bracelet) and flat laminated pieces will be demonstrated along with some valuable finishing techniques…..and of course, I will be talking about color and will have hundreds of samples on display  for you to see.

What is Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011?

Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 is the 4th year of a hands-on polymer clay/mixed media event which consists of 3 days of pre-conference workshops (18 Feb. – 20 Feb. 2011) combined with a 3 1/2 day polymer clay hands-on event (20 Feb.– 23 Feb. 2011) to be held in Laurel, Maryland. Keep up with the latest updates here. Continue reading “Cabin Fever 2011…”


Readers try it at home

I recently had the opportunity to teach a workshop for the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild. Two of the artists in the group have posted about their experiences in my Dancing with the Rainbow class on their blogs:

It has been delightful to read Jeanette Kandray’s new blog as she works through the exercises and projects in Polymer Clay Color Inspirations. She includes her experiments with Kato clay primaries. Our book is featured in the November 09 issue of Crafternews, a newly launched crafts newsletter.