Colorful Pinched Petals…

Several years ago- while Maggie Maggio and I were working on our book- a well intentioned friend mentioned to me (while laughing)… once they find out they need to pinch,fold and pierce over 120 petals to make that necklace!?!

Apparently the labor intensive aspect of that project has not dissuaded dozens of artists around the world from making a pinched petal lei , and in many instances adding their own twist. I am always delighted when I run across examples on Facebook, blogs and Flickr.

The joyful looks on the faces of the women Nepal via A Colourful Journey wearing their versions of my necklace was especially poignant to me –  a shared aesthetic and a wonderful example of out “shrinking” world. Here are some other inspirational examples I found…Nora Pero, Bettina Mertz, Oak Georgia, Kralenia and Allessia Stre.





Colorful Rugs…

The past few weeks it has been way too hot work with my polymer…Friday’s heat index was 122 F !!! No way, I am turning on the convection oven to fire anything, let alone try to pinch any petals from cane slices. It is so hot I have been knitting fabric strips in front of a fan to make another pillow cover. It is so hot I started to think I could knit an area rug, using the fabric scraps from a quilt I am cutting out…Cooler weather and studio time is around the corner. In the meantime Libby Mills sent me this link to a spectacular rug from Sonya Winner- what an incredible sense of color and design.

Sonya Winner’s vibrant contemporary rugs include After Matisse, inspired by the artist’s work using paper cut-outs. The collage of 26 colours replicates the effect of transparent colours mixed together. The irregular shape and five different tuft heights create a sculptural and striking design, which is made of pure New Zealand wool.


Exploring the Rainbow…

If you’ve read our book – Polymer Clay Color Inspirations and were intrigued by the color collage process as a way to determine a set of custom mixed primaries to use in your work, then you might be interested in this two day workshop November 5th and 6th, 2011 = “Exploring the Rainbow” at Woman Creative in Buford, Georgia (near Atlanta). A more complete workshop description may be found here along with the supply list. Registration details are here.

I will be having a trunk show at the gallery Friday evening November 4th. There is a fabulous retrospective exhibit of polymer spanning twenty five years with work from ninety six artists.

Hope to see you there! or here...


Colorful Walking Sticks…

. Yes! We will all be taking colorful walks this summer….The workshop “Walking the Enlightened Rainbow” was a combination of guided meditations, collaging, group brain storming, polymer clay color mixing strategies/concepts. laughter and joy- while making colorful walking sticks

Maureen Carlson’s Center for the Creative Arts Center is a very special place for stretching our imaginations, introspection,healing, joy and creative fun!

I will be returning to Maureen’s next summer= July 11th- 15th,2012 to teach a new five day workshop -“Creating a Personal Power Shield” that combines spirituality,intention,meditation,collaging and polymer clay with fibers, beads, inks, markers and joyful collaboration.

“Our Center is grounded in the belief that creativity is a doorway into self discovery, personal and spiritual growth, and joyful living.” Is part of Maureen’s vision for the center.


Colorful Bargello Tissue…

Last month while on vacation Hollie Mion gave me a packet of purse tissues (the designs reminded me of polymer clay canes) …several days later she noticed that I still  had the unopened package on display on my work surface? When I told her it was too pretty to open, she generously gave me another package. So now I am paying more attention to printed tissues..

When I  think of Bargello in polymer clay, Laura Liska’s impeccably constructed beads come to mind. And now  I can tuck a packet of pocket “Bargello” Kleenex into my purse. Wishing you a colorful day- remember to invite rainbows into your life.  Continue reading “Colorful Bargello Tissue…”


Colorful IPad App…

I really enjoy playing with several of the web based color schemers- especially those who have the ability to create blends from one color to another like the one at 3schools . So I was delighted to find this Ipad app that allows me to design “3-d” flowers and change the color blends by using a slider in the edit mode = Hello Flower .

The next time you design a  flower cane- this app may come in handy to consider variations in petal shapes and color combinations for your Skinner blends

Use simple tools to create any flower you can imagine. Just touch to shape the petals, choose colors and finely tune your design until you get the most fantastic blossom. And don’t forget to save your own unique creations in the gallery.

Continue reading “Colorful IPad App…”