Setting up your group’s workshop

Teaching Contract Information

For 26  years, I have enjoyed traveling to teach polymer clay workshops. This short list of requirements may help your planning:

  • Teaching Rate = $150 per person for two day workshop (12  person minimum)
  • Travel Expenses = advance purchase coach class airfare plus $60 for airport shuttle.
  • Minimum = twelve  paid registrants plus comped home stay person
  • Maximum= 20 participants
  • Scholarship = 16 paid registrants, one comp (homestay)  and one scholarship= 18
  • Schedule= 10:00am- 5pm both days
  • Materials fee = For some workshops it is best if I pre-order all the clay (as participants will not know in advance which colors they will be using) for other workshops with more predicatable supply needs- a supply list will be provided.
  • Confirmation = that minimum has been met at least four weeks prior to workshop (to insure best travel rates)
  • Shipping Address = Minimum of one month prior to the workshop I will need a shipping address to ship supplies.

I prefer a class size or 14-18 participants. Should more than 16 people register then there is space for an anonymous unpaid, scholarship person that will be expected to help with baking and passing out materials.

Should any of the students wish to purchase their own pasta machine prior to the workshop I highly recommend that they buy an Atlas (Italian) brand pasta machine; these are available at cooking stores and online for In general the pasta machines currently being sold at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are quite unreliable and easily broken.

Classroom details

The classroom space needs to be clean, well lit and ventilated. Each student will need a work area 36 x 24 inches. In addition to a table for demonstrating, I will need three separate tables or counters for display, shared tools and demo samples.

Unless I am bring the baking equipment (this is NOT an option if I am flying in). We will need one large convection ovens and two toaster ovens with appropriate thermometers plus separate oven thermometers, extension cords and an exhaust fan (or way to ventilate the room). If portable ovens are not available, a regular kitchen oven can be used with the addition of four large 16” by 12” aluminum foil turkey baking pans and a dozen large office supply clips to fasten the two halves of the baking pans together and keep the oven clean.

Wrapping the table tops with butcher paper is not necessary, but provides for a clean visual field for the participating artists. Access to a white board or blackboard is useful.

The timing for the lunch break will be determined by the location (Is there a nearby carry-out) and the flow of  the workshop. I will need a pitcher or bottle of water to drink throughout the workshop.

I am flexible as to accommodations whether it is a room in a modest hotel near the workshop or a home stay. I am an omnivore who eats very lightly for breakfast –caffeinated coffee is a must. I am not allergic to animals.  I have been known to snore loudly – and have fun!

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