What students say

In a conference situation where there are dozens of  technique driven classes offered, often a FUNdamental color class is overlooked as a first choice because:

  1. the artist took a dry academic class years ago and was frustrated by all the rules and rubber cement
  2. the juicy tantalizing prospect of taking another course and leaving the workshop with a completed beautiful piece is too tempting
  3. the artist is concentrating on skills that are applicable to the product  line they are developing or
  4. a color workshop sounds scary

In my mind nothing could be further from the truth. My color classes are gentle, fun and explain why one should break all the rules. Aside from impeccable craftsmanship and originality nothing else defines, enhances and makes a piece sing as intensely as appropriate color choices will. It is easier to concentrate on exploring and perfecting new techniques and design challenges when one experiences a sense of ease and rightness in color selections.

Here is what students have said after taking one of my color workshops

“Incredible! This workshop has changed my life, I see the world with a deeper appreciation of the richness and breadth of color around me AND I know how to mix those colors.”

Elizabeth R. Minn

“I’ve struggled with making color choices for years. I wish I had taken this workshop as my first polymer clay class. Looking back I now understand why many of the safer color combinations I was using weren’t optimal and just didn’t work…”

Mary B. CA

“I have always admired the polymer clay work of Cynthia Toops, Maggia Maggio, Laura Liska and Pier Voulkos. I never thought I would be able to create my own beautiful color combinations. “

Pat K.  WA

“During college I took four color courses and read dozens of books, so when my friend Heather asked me to take this workshop with her I was reluctant to spend a whole weekend on color. Was I wrong! I am so glad I came. Lindly was both knowledgeable, funny and wise.”

Keith S. FLA

“This was a great workshop. I am an engineer and was worried that everyone else would be experienced colorists. Lindly was patient with my beginner questions, very organized and addressed all levels of skills throughout the week.”

Susan V. NY

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