Art from the Heart Shrine – Three day workshop

The design and construction of a small portable artist’s shrine is an intensely personal, illuminating and enjoyable process. While building your shrine you will explore the transformative power of telling your story as an artist and be encouraged to ask the question,

“As an artist, what does make my heart sing”?

Assisted by a series of guided visualizations and group discussions you will explore heartfelt communication via color, texture and form using polymer clay. Design ideas for evocative textures, attaching and integrating found objects and valuable tips for honoring yourself as an artist will be presented.

You will learn strategies for designing and mixing cohesive color schemes, including how to choose a level of saturation within your comfort zone. You will learn the secret to making successful “skinny” skinners that will be used to make several different laminated textile patterns including the popular Log Cabin Quilt design, Seminole Patchwork and a variation of Nine Patch.  In addition to having fun, you will increase your awareness of how appropriate color choices and contrasts can add impact to your work.

While this workshop is designed as a personal artistic healing journey, we will discuss how these concepts could be translated or adapted to a group situation or ongoing personal study.

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