Sagacious Sumptuous Intentional Color- two day workshop

Sagacious Sumptuous Intentional Color: Inspired by Nature

The glorious range of softer muted colors found in nature will provide the inspirational starting point while you learn how to create an intentional, impactful color scheme. Five useful strategies to enhance harmony will be presented as you prepare a set of colors destined to become a collaged brooch or pendant.

Lindly will share her tips for creating a stripe blend sheet that is appropriately scaled for making smaller pieces and includes dramatic contrasts.

Once you have prepared your blend sheet, you will learn how to make four different color coordinated patterns: soft Ikat, stripes, fractured color blocking and a circular mokume gane.

Lindly will then demonstrate how to sequence and audition your elements to create a successful harmonious balance in your design while using multiple patterns.

At the end of the session we will brainstorm

as a group on how to incorporate what you have learned in your future projects.

Learn how to add impact to your polymer clay work with increased color confidence and agility.

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