Telling Your Color Story- two day workshop

Join Lindly for a two day exploration inspired by YOUR favorite color. You will learn how to mix different variations of your color while capturing the exact recipes so you can duplicate your mixes. Several strategies for investigating great color combinations based on your color will be presented through a series of hands on exercises.

Based on what you have learned about your favorite color, you will be guided to choose and mix a dark and light designed to enhance that color. You will then make a series of color coordinated canes that will be used to make a series of wearable color samples = your choice, brooches or a sample bead bracelet.

Lindly’s version of a Damascus Ladder cane will provide the basis for you to create harmonious color combinations that tell your color stories.

See how the three properties of color: value, hue and saturation dazzle and change when proportion, juxtaposition and surface are consciously adjusted. Ask questions, be ready to laugh and increase your color confidence

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