Inspired Color-Textile Patterns

A two-day workshop designed to increase your color confidence while combining colors. Join Lindly Haunani, a nationally recognized colorist for a fun and illuminating weekend workshop.

While you may know just what colors you like, exactly how to mix them (or not), using them in harmonious combinations can be challenging. Learn how to add impact to your work with increased color confidence while learning several valuable skills for working with polymer clay.

You will learn strategies for designing and mixing cohesive color schemes, including how to choose a level of saturation within your comfort zone. You will learn the secret to making successful “skinny” Skinner stripe blends that will be used to make nine different laminated textile patterns including:

  • Log Cabin Quilt
  • Spirals
  • Seminole Patchwork
  • Bargello
  • Nine Patch

In addition to having fun, you will leave with a series of wearable color samples/brooches. You will increase your awareness of how appropriate color choices and contrasts can add impact to your work.

See how the three properties of color: value, hue and saturation dazzle and change when proportion, juxtaposition and surface are consciously adjusted. Ask questions, be ready to laugh and increase your color confidence.

Note: This workshop is ideally suited for a group that has a broad range of polymer clay experience- that includes beginners and experienced polymer clay artists. Participants leave with several finished wearable color samples while learning an extremely versatile technique.

The color lessons presented pivot around becoming more confident in making color choices when combining colors. As designed, the workshop includes eight different textile patterns – seven as flat/brooch pieces and one as a bead. This can be adjusted to include more beads if that is the primary interest of your group.

You may view pictures of this workshop in action in NYC here, Rita Sim and in San Diego here.

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