Incredible Almost Edible Color

Incredible Almost Edible Color

Join Lindly for this fun, fast paced two-day workshop designed to nurture your inner fantasy food stylist. Explore the use of veneers, molds, embossing powders and chalk pastels to create beads evocative of luscious edibles. Learn strategies for combining your beads, in symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements, into a spectacular statement necklace or elastic bracelet. The emphasis in this workshop will be on the artistic reinterpretation of edibles with child-like enthusiasm, instead of making realistic miniature foods

There are a myriad of approaches that may be used to design your own personalized color palettes to create pleasing, evocative color combinations. In this workshop you will be drawing inspiration from the wondrous array of colors inherent in edible nature.

We will begin by exploring your color likes and dislikes as you make an intuitive color collage using clippings gleaned from Lindly’s cooking magazine collection. Explore what colors (and color combinations) intrigue you – the possibilities include: cantaloupes, raspberries, mangoes, lemons, avocados, artichokes and eggplants. Using your collage as a reference tool, you will then create a delicious full spectrum palette to work from that features tinted translucent polymer.

Learn the parameters of proportion for tinting and strategies for increasing (and decreasing) the vibrancy of your colors. Samples of several options to enhance the outline(s) of your canes with pearl polymer and/or embossing powders will be on display to aid in your choices when making your canes.

You will then be guided -hands on- to make three canes based on your color inspiration collage.

Explore how the addition of paint or chalk pastels can add color and value definition. See how the addition of “in betweens” and bridges via bead elements can enhance your designs. Strategies for post cane construction modifications, the use of veneers and molds will be presented.

Come prepared to learn new skills, valuable bench tricks, laugh and leave with an increased color confidence.

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