Translucent Innovations – Dynamic Bead Shapes – Two day Workshop

Two day workshop

Intermediate to advanced skill level (or confident beginner)

Have you been longing to return to the joy of childlike play, without self-consciousness and predetermined notions of skill and perfection?  With Lindly’s guidance (and samples) you will encouraged to playfully experiment with edges, scale and shape shifting to create your own unique interlocking bead designs.

You will explore the art of designing and mixing a coordinated color palette using translucent polymer. Learn the parameters of proportion for tinting and strategies for increasing (and decreasing) the vibrancy of your colors.

Lindly will guide you, step by step, as you make a set of three color-coordinated canes that will feature both translucent clay blends and opaque accents. Then you will discover how a simple cane slice can be transformed by manipulating the edges, folding, stretching or texturing and then possibly combined with other shapes to create dynamic volume. As a group we will brainstorm on how these beads could be used in other formats. For example: a sculpture, brooch or a wall hanging.


As you audition options for a successful stringing rhythm, you will then choose-

  •  To use one bead shape or several
  • To feature alternating color or gradated color
  • To add something to your mix from the group “pool”


You will then learn how to make two polymer findings: a folded toggle clasp and a spreader bead to aid in stringing multiple strand pieces.

Come prepared to have fun, play and learn new approaches to working with polymer while increasing your color confidence. Leave with an inspirational sampler or a completed necklace. Along with several useful strategies designed to encourage more play in your home studio.

Lindly Haunani Lei

Lindly Haunani Purple Lei


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