“Telling YOUR Color Story – Quilt Block Inspiration”

Telling YOUR Color Story- Quilt Block Inspiration 


During this class you will . . .

            Expand your color awareness

            Refresh your knowledge about color

            Perfect your skills when combining colors


Using simple strip quilt block patterns as inspiration you will make a dramatic decorative wall hanging tile. Learn how to refine your color choices while selecting pigment primaries, mixing colors, and constructing Skinner blends. See how balance, placement and proportion all play key roles while designing your quilt block pattern.

There will be dozens of illustrative color samples on display and plenty of time for individual attention while you make your color choices.

You will create a color-coordinated palette of gradient blends that will be used to make your stripe elements. Once cut, your elements will be puzzled together to form a geometric quilt block pattern. You will have ample “yardage” of blends to experiment with and may opt to concentrate on one combination or try several.

During this workshop you will be using laminates for your designs. Strategies for translating what you have learned into canes, more painterly surface designs and sculptural elements will be discussed. Samples illustrating how the patterns read at a smaller scale suitable for jewelry design will also be presented.

Note: Two Day Workshop designed for confident beginner to advanced polymer artist. Emphasis on increased agility in combining colors. There is a short video of my samples on Facebook- click the link to view.

It's been an incredible day working on our quilt squares. It's a shame Lindly doesn't have any samples! Lol! I'd love to see the TSA inspect her bags when she travels. Lindly comes once a year for our color fix. You should join us some time!

Posted by Sue Sutherland on Saturday, September 3, 2016

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